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Frequently asked questions

Can you give my business an complete online store experience?

Yes. We can design and have your online store up & running in record-time. We can supply your business with a fully functioning ecommerce site professionally designed to your business needs. We take care of all your products, pricing, shipping, Google SEO & more all under one application that enables you to easily add, update and grow your business.

Can you design and print my brochures?

Yes. As part of our graphic design services, we offer a full print and delivery service. Brochures, flyers, posters, menu's, business cards & more, we can cover all your print needs. 

How do you charge for your services?

No one likes to be surprised by a large bill. For this reason we quote all our jobs on a per-project basis,  that way you know exactly what you’re getting and what it costs.
Projects normally require a 50% upfront deposit before commencement with the remaining 50% payable on completion.

What if I need something that is outside of the work scope?

If you need anything that’s outside the quoted scope of works, we will discuss with you any additional costs before commencing work based upon a hourly rate.

What if I don't quite like what you have designed for me?

If you don’t like the first concept we have presented, we will organise a time to talk with you and discuss your concerns and work with you to ensure a perfect quick outcome for all parties.

How does the design process work, from enquiry to completion of the job?

We start all projects by thoroughly discussing the details of the project with you. From this discussion we establish the specific requirements of the brief and take into account your input as this is a crucial factor in making the project a success. Once we have established the brief, we begin work on the project by researching ideas. These initial ideas are then turned into ready design visuals. The design visuals are then presented to the client for approval and feedback.

I own a food take away business, can you design my menu boards?

Yes. We can personalise your menu boards that will simplify your order system and create a better customer experience. We  offer creatively designed high resolution prints or digital stills or animated screen presentations.

How long does it take the design process?

Turnaround time varies depending on the type and size of the project, and how many projects we are handling at the moment. However, standard times to deliver design proposals are:
Logo Design: 2 - 3 weeks
Branding: 3 - 6 weeks
Web Design: 2 - 4 weeks
Signage: 2 - 4 weeks

Can you design and supply my business signage?

Yes: We can design your internal and external signage customised to suit your business, providing you with a brand new installation or in some occasion upgrade and existing one sign.

I'm paying too much in website service & hosting fee's can you help reduce these costs?

Yes. We can help in reducing your website hosting fee's by up to 50%. We only deal with the best professional hosting companies available. We can advise & relocate your website to the best & most cost effective hosting plan suited to your business & budget. We can also take care of redesigning all or parts of your website, or maybe you would like to add a online store.

I have work vehicle can you do my signage?

Yes. We can design, supply and apply your brand logo and details or create a full all over vehicle design. We can take your business to the next level with your own 365 day one-time cost travelling billboard. Makes for great business exposure sense.

Why should I use your web design services?

Your website is probably the most important tool you will have to showcase your business products or services. With 13+ years experience 485 Digital will create a unique website specifically designed and personalised for your business using only the latest state-of-the-art web techniques, features and fresh design idea's.

Do you need all of the content for my website before you start designing?

Yes. We know your keen to have your new website up and running straight away, but we need to consider all the elements that goes into creating and designing a website that best meets your requirements.

How much will it cost to design my website?

Pricing can range widely depending on your business needs, starting from as little as $1,500 and up depending on the design project and features or if you require a more technical application such as a ecommerce shopping site. (websites are custom built to suit)

Am I able to update my website myself?

Yes. We like to design all of our websites using the secure WordPress (or similar) content managed systems which are used world-wide by some of the worlds leading companies. These platforms enable you to add more content, change a image, type text and details quickly from anywhere in the world on your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Do you have a care-plan service for my website?

Yes. Your website is your 24-hour salesperson for your business, services and products, it's important it remains secure, up-to-date and backed-up at all times. Websites should be treated in the same manner as your vehicle, by that we mean regular servicing to ensure everything is reliable and running smoothly. You can totally take responsibility for this yourself but if you would prefer to use 485 Digital to do this for you, we can offer you a peace of mind cost effective service.

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